Top Opinions of the Week

On a side note, possibly fourth on my when-I-grow-up-I’d-like-to-be list is being a columnist or published ranter.


The Internet’s big thinkers shared their perspectives on the issues of the week — from immigration reform to President Obama’s drone policies. Here are some of the opinions that got us thinking. Did we miss one? Share the “ideas” that caught your attention this week in the comment section. 

“The Persistence of Racial Resentment” in The New York Times

Who: Thomas B. Edsall, Columbia University journalism professor and author of The Age of Austerity
The Idea: Have racial attitudes in America changed since the election (and re-election) of President Barack Obama? According to research quoted by Edsall, racial resentment toward blacks has risen since Obama was first elected in 2008, especially among Republicans. Yet despite this, Obama was able to earn a higher number of white votes than his Democratic predecessors. Why? Edsall blames the GOP’s “deepening conservatism” and cautions that, in order to win the White House again…

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