“As Seen on TV”


My mother is officially the first person I know who’s bought anything from Home Shopping Network. It was such a surprise when I heard of a hair-curling package coming in earlier today. Apparently my mother and sister saw an advert for it one time and she just had to have it. 

So how cool was it? Hair Wavz (it has a website if you want to check it out) is lovely for its novelty. The process of inserting hair strands into the curlers is fun, for a definition of the word. After showering we set to work on my hair (my mother had her hair done too). It takes some time to set naturally if you aren’t going to blow dry it. What else. The curls also don’t stay long; I think it’s because we didn’t put any setting lotion or anything. But the look turned out pretty well. Two curler sizes make for an interesting texture. 

I guess it’s fine for a P1400 product. I just wish my mother saw one of those work-out products instead (just kidding I think) or those useless yet simultaneously useful cooking utensils. 

Where was sister the whole day? She went out to see some friends. Good for her. I wanted to go out earlier since for the first time in a very long while there’s no pressing academic need to stay at home. But I woke up 2 pm haha.

I really like the new look of WordPress; things seem more sleeker and accessible. And I should probably blog about my new phone, Sam. It’s proving to be indispensable in life. 

In other news I am quite happy. :) 

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