Five States of a Jari

And how to deal with them

There are five states a Jari could be found in. This is a guide for interacting with the model you have been assigned to live with for the rest of your natural lives.

First is sleepy Jari. This is the most common state and in fact can coexist with the other states as well. Interaction do not approach unless her alarm is irritating you or the teacher is calling her name.

Second is the listless and melancholy Jari. There is a hollowness to her bones; her blood has been mixed with poison. The solution is to ignore her and let her be. Interaction do not approach unless you have an effective bribe (e.g. polvoron, poetry or prose, paint or pen) or unless you are prepared to be attacked.

Third is the active Jari, and she can be seen at odd parts of the day. She is involved with orgs and academics, and she loves to write things down. Interaction give her something to do and do not distract her.

Fourth is the overly emotional Jari. This is found rarely in the wild, but she does exist. Signs of this state involve crying without cause and hysterics. Interaction ignore the fact that she is crying and move on.

Fifth is the hyper and happy Jari. This exists like spores on a summer day, i.e. under unfathomable and often nonsensical reasons, but sometimes a Jari can be happy for normal, socially acceptable reasons (e.g. twitter, ate Risa, friends, category blank-friends and polvoron). Interaction be a good listener and engage positively. She will tire herself out eventually.

If you have any questions, please connect via bluetooth to your nearest Jari for a more comprehensive manual.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. chatmonty says:

    where do I fit in among those five states? #feeling left out :(

    1. first, I don’t get the question? :O and second, my interactions with you fall under happy Jari, sometimes overly emotional Jari and also the even rarer and unmentioned Jari who needs more food, clothes and allowance.

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