Word vomit: Investments

Life Update Post

My investments in life are dangerously loosing value because I haven’t put much maintenance on them. What. Actually, hi, see tinatamad akong magsulat so, like, I’ll just word vomit.

I didn’t get even college scholar first sem this year — I think I got a GWA of maybe 1.8? 1.9? And that’s ridiculously sad, because how the hell am I suppose to get to a med school abroad or to UP med if I don’t graduate with latin honors? Hi mother I hope you’re not reading this. Therefore I’ve had the resolution to actually invest my time in going to class. As in, not being late + actually listening. I’ve always learnt best absorbing by listening for several hours over a period of days. Otherwise I just memorize things and forget them two hours later. So. Will go to class physically, emotionally and intellectually. Because science is damn interesting.

(I suck at lab. I REALLY NEED TO BE ABLE TO IDENTIFY THOSE WOBBLY THINGS.) Since my brain is so scattered I would like to thank my ophthalmologist, Dr. Veloso from the Asian Eye Institute, for being a source of inspiration. He studied Bio undergrad and then went on to Harvard Medical School and ended his stint with shiny certificates. That and each check-up costs us around a thousand pesos. So, sweet deal man. Congratulations on life.

Also he’s handsome in that DILF way. I hope you never read this. Well, not that it matters. My next check-up is centuries away.

I think I’ve forgotten how to talk to some of my friends, which is not only sad, but also very telling of how much I value them. JUST KIDDING I VALUE YOU DARLINGS LOTS AND LOTS but a lot like my acads I have failed in keeping you well. Hope to remember. Lol. ? I must see you soon (please sana I’m not the smallest one na; stop growing up guysss). Or for my college friends, I must learn to stay with you guys. For some reason I always flit away to meetings or pseudo-meetings or out-of-the-blue power walking sessions.

There was a time when I invested in my body and had defined abs, and toned arms, and the ability to climb up stairs without looking severely asthmatic. Where have you gone. It’s been two years. Come back. S i g h I don’t play tennis anymore, neither do I jog or swim regularly. I’d blame the lack of a stimulating, healthy environment, i.e. Manila, but that’s not an excuse. There’s actually always a way. Like, this condo even has a swimming pool and a treadmill. AND I have sports attire and running shoes and swimsuits scattered here in the condo. Also I’d like to announce to everyone that if I get morbidly obese the only thing to blame is McDonald’s across the street (and, fine. My poor life choices.)

In the list of things I haven’t been doing correctly: hi, debate. I’ve been going to training for an average of 1.5x a week, which is also ridiculous. There are five days a week. For this one, I’d like to blame my alarm clock, which forever fails to wake me up at 5:20PM to go to training (as well as my teachers for dismissing me at 2PM almost every day now, making me sleepy). And while we’re at it, I’d also like to blame my bed, the world, that cat outside.

I’m being absurd. My life is my responsibility. The fact that I’ve been sluggishly working on my life investments has been my tacit agreement with my future self.

Goodness I will die alone and poor. 

And speaking tangentially of loneliness, and for this point I hope my mother is reading — hi Ma — we’ve been steadily encouraged to find ourselves SOs for Valentine’s. I would like to be the first to say no way, because AIESEC exchange has an orientation on the 14th (yes) and MINT debate is happening the weekend after. Not to mention our Galentine’s plans. So Ma, if you’re reading this, go concentrate your efforts on sister. I won’t even be going home to bring back a date. Sorryyyy.

I’d like to retract my earlier statement of dying alone and poor because obviously that will not happen. I will let 10 cats adopt me and I’ll be selling my body.

For art.

If it comes down to it.

I hope everyone who reads this is aware that I just woke up and when I just wake up I am usually very drunk from my dream.

My dream! And at this point I hope people are still reading this, specifically ones from the Circle. I had a dream with Dr. blahblah in it, and no, it was not that kind of dream, though one of these days I probably should have one –yup word vomit right there– because of the awesomeness that is his personhood. Yup I did just write that word. And basically there was training and I missed it and I was sad and I don’t even know. But he was there, haha! I think I had this dream maybe after the first time my alarm woke me up.

In other news more related to “investments”, I still do not handle money well. Mother, if you are reading this, I am very sorry. Your daughter is adding to your already not inconsiderable tower of bills. Your daughter is adding decimal places where there should be none. Your daughter should go find a therapist for this propensity to speak in third person. Goodness.

I’ve also been trying to invest in the wonders of the internet, i.e. I’ve been watching certain reruns (of what show I will never tell) inadvisably in the dead hours of the night. I think I got it out of my system. Hopefully. And also I spent some time ago scrolling through Craigslist in Manila, which, while not entirely safe or actually pleasing to the brain to read through, is entirely too funny and entertaining. How do spell. How do attract.

Sam is also housing an microSD card now (I know :3) which means she has all the memory in the world for when I forget. :> :> :> She also needs a new case because her current one sucks.

There’re almost no words here about AIESEC. I miss them. I have no idea where our progress actually is… ??? Which is bad. Also, my investments here better turn up because I did not just drop my health and my grades (relatively!!!) for us to not have exchange participants. On an entirely selfish level. There’s also leadership. And sharing the world to others –which I’ll be semi-doing in the next post, by the way. We’re having orientations about our exchange program this February, open to university students or recent graduates from any institution, so hit me up or go to tinyurl.com/RSVPExPO for more details. Time subject to change. Haha!

I’m not grammar checking this thing (oh it’s called proofreading, yeaaah) so. Sorry. How did I reach 1K+ words babbling about my life? Mysteries of the world, I think.

Is there anything I’ve forgotten?


If you are in need of spontaneous company, please contact me. I am now an extrovert (did you know that? I kind of even feel like it sometimes. That, or I answered the test lazily and incorrectly) and an escapist. Any reason to not be here is as good as any.

Currently reading a novel for the 2014 Bookathon, but the progress is so very very slow. ;)



MY LIFE IS IN SHATTERS and it’s all because of you. Please read between the very blatant lines and just go home. Thank you!

(I should start writing songs. Get picked up. Launch an international career. Date one of those 1D boys. Get pregnant. Be shamed by my country. Disappear into sad, sad obscurity.)

(Or write a novel entitled “20 Steps on Effective Word Vomiting as a Creative Exercise.”)

I URGE YOU TO WORD VOMIT it feels really nice. Maybe lower than eating chocolate or sleeping or shopping with a black card but higher than watching TED or Ryan Higa videos on Youtube.

…I can’t seem to end this post. Help.

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  1. anon says:

    aw jari you’re adorable ;_____;

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