A Rose Like No Other | Nanay at 85

We celebrated my maternal grandmother’s 85th birthday (85th!!!! It’s such an overwhelming and positive thing to consider!) last September 19 in Norasville, Nagcarlan, Laguna.

Generations 👵👩👧 I love you, Mom! I love you, Lola! Happy 85th birthday to our superlola!

A photo posted by Jari Monteagudo (@jarimonty) on Sep 19, 2015 at 7:17am PDT

Birthday parties are a huge thing for Nagcarleños. Never one to be outdone, my mother directed the party planning with a clear vision –because our Nanay deserves nothing but the best.

From unique and amazing decorations, to cool bag giveaways and a beautiful cake, we designed everything to show how our lola is one amazing woman.

wpid-20150919_142131.jpg wpid-20150919_142244.jpg wpid-20150919_142322.jpg wpid-20150919_142448.jpg wpid-20150919_142517.jpg wpid-20150919_142828.jpg wpid-20150919_160429.jpg wpid-20150919_160344.jpg wpid-20150919_1604400.jpg wpid-20150919_193247.jpg

This was my simple gift (of effort), a guestbook filled with photos of her life and messages from the people who love her:

Beloved by the town, she celebrated the milestone with her closest friends (roughly 200 of them), a mass concelebrated by four priests and with her family, and featuring darling performances from all her religious organizations. (That’s me and my paternal grandmother in the third photo, by the way!)

wpid-20150919_173133.jpg wpid-20150919_165644.jpg wpid-20150919_190747.jpg wpid-20150919_192504.jpg

My grandmother’s true birthday is on September 22.


Aside from those cool party bits, I would also like to note these cute houseplants over at our Nagcarlan house:

wpid-20150919_081019-01.jpeg wpid-20150919_081013-01.jpeg

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