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UPDATE (2020/06/02): Links in this blog post may no longer be updated, especially for local drives. To continue participating, I endorse this website called HELP FROM HOME. This is an online information hub which categorizes and links different fundraising campaigns for frontliners and families in need. You can conveniently sort campaigns by payment method, location, initiative type, beneficiaries, and so on.

“super easy, barely an inconvenience”

Ptich Meeting Guy – Screen Rant on YouTube.

This post is for those of us with enough privilege to stay at home with Internet access and to have extra money (or unrecalled student allowance). As someone who can’t drive out to help the frontliners/essential workers or effect change through direct public service, I can do my part by staying in quarantine and by financially supporting the cause. 

We are living in a time of chaos. We are also living in a world of digital wallets and online bank transfers. Donate now.

online shopping who

Me, finding out that Lazada also sells donation vouchers. (2020).

Here are links to government agencies, NGOs and private citizens we can support in the COVID-19 outbreak response.

International Response Funds

WHO COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund

World Food Programme

  • The United Nations WFP delivers food assistance in emergencies and works with communities to improve nutrition and build resilience. A total of $50 will provide food for a child for the next 3 months. 
  • Link:
  • Mode: credit card/debit card, PayPal, Google Pay
  • Minimum: none

ShareTheMeal (through WFP) 

  • Charity app by the WFP that allows you to support the same cause with even more convenience. (Personally made the commitment to donate a little bit each time I go beyond my budget when I eat.) There is now a specific button to donate for COVID-19. 
  • Link: or you can download the ShareTheMeal app :) 
  • Mode: Google Pay (not sure for iOS) 
  • Minimum: $0.50 

Philippine Response – For Healthcare Workers

Help Donate Philippines

  • Help frontliners protect themselves by donating supplies, food, cash and other materials. The website gives you the contact number for registered public and private hospitals nationwide (PGH, POC, Fabella, Jose P. Reyes, Cagayan Valley Medical Center, NCH, Rizal Medical, and so on). The website also tracks if the PPE has been promised or received already. 
  • Link: 

Kaya Natin! Philippines

  • This movement for good governance and ethical leadership is using the donation to procure personal protective equipment (PPE) daily sets to frontliners in barangays and hospitals, and to fund food and care packages, in partnership with the Office of the Vice President and Jesse Robredo Foundation. On Lazada, a daily PPE set is worth Php378.37. 
  • Link: or e-mail at or Twitter 
  • Mode: Bank transfer via BPI ( 3081-1173-72 ) OR via Lazada ( ) OR via PayMaya ( ) OR via Ticket2Me (
  • Minimum (for Lazada): Php100 
  • Note: I didn’t get to try the PayMaya mode as I have nothing in my PayMaya wallet. But it seems like you can only support by sponsoring either a PPE set (Php378.37) or food and care package (Php500) through the PayMaya link above. I also didn’t try the ticket2me as it requires registration pa. 

UP Medical Foundation, Inc.

  • Donations to the UPMF will be used for the test kits. 
  • Link: Search on socmed or e-mail at 
  • Mode: BDO Bonobo-Pedro Gil Branch to account 353-0094-018
  • Note: As I have no BDO account, I haven’t directly donated to this one. You can also donate to UPMF through the Gcash App. 

PGH Medical Foundation

  • Donations to the PGHMF will be used for personal protective equipment of healthcare workers and other frontliners. 
  • Link: or e-mail at or viber 09228317470
  • Mode: PayPal, bank transfer via PNB ( 168370000933 ) or via BDO ( 002410071569 ) or via Landbank dollar account ( 0594-0012-22 ) or via BPI current account ( 8291-0060-36 ) OR via check, pick-up donation, and Globe Rewards points 

Globe Telecom #GlobeRewards #SafeAtHome

  • Donate your Rewards points to the PGH Medical Foundation Inc. towards the provision of PPE. 
  • Link: or download the Globe Rewards App 
  • Mode: via Globe Rewards App 
  • Note: Obviously for Globe users only. You can also use points to donate to the ABS-CBN Foundation, Hineleban Foundation, PAWS Philippines. 
  • Minimum: 100 points

Globe Telecom GCash App #FightCOVID19

Help for Health Movement

  • This group of young Filipinos (returning UK scholars and public health workers) are raising funds to provide 300 “Hugot Packs” for 300 healthcare workers for 30 days. Hugot packs include vitamins, coffee, hand sanitiser, tissue, eco bags. 
  • Link: or e-mail at 
  • Mode: PayPal via crowdfunding site for personal causes at 

Philippine Response – Food and Basic Needs 

ABS-CBN Foundation #PantawidNgPagibig 

  • The network’s campaign aims to assist local governments provide food and basic necessities to poor families affected by the lockdown. 
  • Link
  • Mode: Bank transfer to ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation, Inc. – Sagip Kapamilya via BDO ( 0039301-14199 ) or via BPI ( 3051-11-55-88 ) or via Metrobank ( 636-3-636-08808-1 ) or via BDO dollar ( 1039300-81622 ) 

Caritas Manila

  • LIGTAS COVID-19 kits and Caritas Manna bags will be given to 6000 poor communities and families in Metro Manila. Each Php2000-worth LIGTAS COVID-19 Kit is meant for a family of 5 and includes 1 later of 70% ethyl alcohol, handy bottles of alcohol, washable face masks, antibacterial liquid soap, vitamin tablets, reusable gloves, and so on. The Php700 Manna food bag includes 5 kilos of rice, mango seeds, canned goods and more. 
  • Link: or emai at 
  • Mode: Online bank transfer to Caritas Manila, Inc.  via BDO ( 000-5600-45905 ) or via BPI ( 3063-5357-01 ) or via Metrobank ( 175-3-17506954-3 ) OR debit/credit cards to OR via Lazada at OR via Give2Asia at OR via Gcash (see FB post for QR code) 
  • Note: Haven’t tried all modes, but the Lazada one works! There are also donation vouchers for ‘Tulong For Taal’ and other causes. 
  • Minimum (for Lazada): Php50


  • This citizen-driven fund has multiple beneficiaries, including International Rural People’s Movement, Doctors of Barrios in Bicol, PUV drivers and street venires, #IskoOps, and so on. 
  • Link: Search the hashtag on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram 
  • Mode: BPI transfer to account Hershey Cristabel Neri 0429-5713-67 (see FB post for QR code)

Final Notes

Donations in kind (PPEs or food) will also be appreciated by hospitals, especially our designated COVID-19 centers; they can also be coursed through most of the local NGOs/efforts linked above. 

Ready-to-consume food products, personal protective equipment, alcohol/soap/sanitizers for hospitals can even be coursed through the Angkas Donation Drive for Health Workers against COVID-19 (link:

Blood donors are also needed nationwide (via Philippine Red Cross or direct to hospitals). I’m also sure almost all individual schools/companies have their own fundraising campaign. 

Finally, this will never reach any celebrity, but if you know someone who knows someone, they can consider doing something like what Lauv is doing for COVID-19 (my sister is a fan). He setup a “livestream to support cover-19 relief” through YouTube Giving; he’ll be singing songs, cooking breakfast and apparently just vibing for the benefit of Blue Boy Foundation (which I didn’t donate to anymore since it’s US-based). Link:

As it’s already tomorrow, I’ll try to update this when something else comes up on my radar. 

Stay safe and healthy! 

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