m:millennial, md, mba (in training)

Hello! This is the personal blog of Jari M. Sometimes I can’t help but type words out into the universe, which is the digital equivalent of screaming out into the great nothingness. 

jari m also moonlights as a travel blog, art and poetry blog, and social activism journal in its spare time.


Quick links

Masterpost because it would be nice to find everything quickly

Travels because the world is big and old, and Jari is small and young



General Disclaimer

Embedded pictures, videos and quotes ideally link back to their source.

Sociopolitical, cultural and other stances posted here change as much as all things do. Out-of-context quotations and criticisms of words published here (especially those written years ago) will not be tolerated.



Filipino Born 1995, to a world that keeps on turning

Student St. Scholastica’s College Manila Silver Medal and Second Honors (graduated 2008 and 2012) | University of the Philippines Manila BS Biology Cum Laude (graduated 2016) | Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health

Debater SSC Delta Chi and SSC Debate Society (2009-2012) | UPM Debate Circle (2013-2016) | ASMPH Ad Hoc team (2016-2018)

AIESECer AIESEC in UPM (SUVP OGCDP 1314, Mktg OCVP for Promotions 1415a, IGCDP TN Manager 1516a) 

Writer SSC Blue Flame and Spectacles (2010-2012) | Essayist, Blogger, Freelance Copywriter

Artist Sketches, ink and paint | Takes commissions during the odd days

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Peng Garing says:

    Nice blog. Enjoyed reading :-)

  2. anonymous says:

    hope you continue blogging about the asmph life ❤ loved your entries

    1. Thank you so much! :)

  3. cheesecake says:

    autofollow kapag pinoy :D

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