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Health becomes the battleground of conflicting interests.

Anatomy and Art

All the same. Then: Figure Drawing (2012) Now: Clinical Anatomy (2016)

ASMPH MD/MBA: 3 Modules In

Finding the time to write is difficult when life itself outpaces the speed of my thoughts. But this last week’s dermatology submodule gave us all in YL5 some much needed respite, so I think I can try my hands at updating this blog. Also, we’ll be properly dissecting our cadavers tomorrow, and that means I’ll…


Here’s to five years with these people I love, working for this country of mine.

ASMPH MD/MBA: Transsum

The long journey’s at its formal start — five years of MD/MBA (what’s that? why is it relevant?), a couple of years residency, and a million or two moments of crying. I’m so excited. I’m also afraid I’ll forget things (half of my college experience now seems like a haze in my memory), so here’s a…