#SadLife (not really)

I’ve got a new life mascot! M bought me a cute plush chain Sadness (from the Pixar film Inside Out) from the toy convention this weekend. Context: When Inside Out first came out, I was the saddest thing in the world. I was so depressed (I think it was because of an issue with my writing?…

Jari x 2015

Fifteen minutes to the new year. Time for a 2015 recap! People x Art x Travel x Advocacy x People This year, I learned that relationships don’t always have to be quick and intense, or (conversely) slow-burning and infrequent to be sustainable. I found my time occupied by new and old friends I somehow managed to not…

日本 2015: Osaka

A possibly relatively short post on the things we did in Osaka (Day 1).

日本 2015: Kyoto

This admittedly long blog post covers our time in Kyoto. Featuring bus rides, temples, shrines and rainy days.