me, scrambling.

Look forward to more queued/scheduled posts. They’ll have very little content; I don’t have the time for more.

the ephemeral life

It was a quick affair. My darling mother asked, “what do you want?”. I said a bento box, please, ebi tempura. And in a blink of an eye all I had left was this: This says a lot more about my life than I would like. Fast, furious and quiet; burning moments that fly too…

Life Goals and other drugs

I was supposed to title this Wishlist… but then I realized that a wish is something that is “not easily attainable; cannot or probably will not happen” and that simply would not do. I’d like to be A person of indeterminate morality but easily quantified status

Originally posted on NewsFeed:
Fearless Felix: Austrian daredevil Felix Baumgartner safely completed his record-breaking, 24-mile freefall jump on Sunday, even though  things got a little hairy there for a while. Here’s photos and video, as well as a look at where he stands among history’s greatest stuntpeople. He’s also been immortalized in Lego. ( Must-Read of…

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