TBL: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

I suppose it provides some insight to this little thing called love: we don’t really know why we love something, we just do. And so Wonderland is enjoyable, even though taken apart it is the furthest thing from wonderful.

Overall, it’s not just a little bit mad.

Books: Delta of Venus

At least three people over the weekend have asked me: “What are you reading?” Without a wince, unapologetically and unashamedly I replied: “Porn.” Or perhaps more accurately I should have said erotica. Because that was what it was. Anaïs Nin’s Delta of Venus was a journey into the hot and bothered, into the sexual deviances and discoveries of…

TBL: The Giver

The Giver (1993) follows a boy named Jonas through the thirteenth year of his life. The society has eliminated pain and strife by converting to “Sameness,” a plant that has also eradicated emotional depth from their lives. Jonas is selected to inherit the position of Receiver of Memory, the person who stores all the past…

The Book List

These books are ones I associate with turning points in my life: my foray into the rebellious, my love affair with the nonsensical, my enduring hunger for the philosophical. Some of the books here are so loved that I have two copies, one to read and one to cherish. Some of them aren’t even with…

In No Regrets, women writers talk about what it was like to read literature’s “midcentury misogynists.”

This isn’t just about the books. When young women read the hypermasculine literary canon—what Emily Gould calls the “midcentury misogynists,” staffed with the likes of Roth, Mailer, and Miller—their discomfort is punctuated by the knowledge that their male peers are reading these books, identifying with them, and acting out their perspectives and narratives. These writers…

Books (on the horizon)

I spent over an hour in National Bookstore, longingly fondling books and notebooks and organizers. And by horizon, I mean the very distant future where I have both time and money.  

We (Yevgeny Zamyatin): Numbers, Entropy and the Infinite

1/1001 for the 2014 Bookathon! You will subjugate the unknown beings on other planets, who may still be living in the primitive condition of freedom, to the beneficient yoke of reason. If they fail to understand that we bring them mathematically infallible happiness, it will be our duty to compel them to be happy. D-503,…

Things I want to acquire: Hagedorn’s Manila Noir, Palahniuk’s Damned, and collections of Rimbaud and Neruda. But I am broke and sad about it. :(

Movie & Book: The Hobbit

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey I couldn’t cough up a proper review for it because it was an incredibly long and multi-faceted movie I’m too lazy to critique, so here are several points instead –here there be spoilers!: