Movie: Goyo (2018)

A subdued, painful, and introspective cinematic masterpiece. Watch it, love it, support it.

Movie: Unexpectedly Yours (2017)

While Star Cinema’s Unexpectedly Yours (2017) doesn’t exactly make it as a personal favorite, it was an unexpectedly thought-provoking and reflective film. #Relate. 

Movie: Justice League (2017)

I didn’t have high hopes for Justice League. And yet! During the last scene of this brave DC effort, I was smiling. The movie was good.

Movie: Bad Genius (2017)

[ random movie time ] Bad Genius is an unexpected treat. I highly recommend it. This is the first Thai movie I’ve ever watched, and the quality is way beyond what we usually produce here in the PH. It makes me want to get on the Thai movie/drama train.

Movie: The Foreigner (2017)

[ random movie time ] Am i irresponsible enough to have one of these every week? Probably. Thor’s this weekend already!!! I had the questionable honor of watching Jackie Chan’s The Foreigner this weekend. I didn’t know about this movie until, like, an hour before I watched it. I wanted to watch Victoria & Abdul…

Movie: Seven Sundays (2017)

[ random movie time ] I can’t tell you how many times I cried during this movie, because I think I was crying all throughout the film. Seven Sundays by Star Cinema et al is honestly a well-written, thought-provoking and cathartic piece. I understand why it’s a grade A movie. Even though the three hours away from…