Uptown Saturday Night

Uptown Saturday Night is apparently a 1974 film. That has nothing to do with this post.

2017: I’m 22.

Good food and even better company. Thank you, and to more years ahead.

Kracie Food IS CRAZY (and it’s the future!?)

The future is already here. We just don’t know it because the instructions are in Japanese!!! I’m talking about the culinary wonder that is Kracie’s Popin’Cookin’ and Happy Kitchen Sets. You might not have heard of them (I certainly haven’t), but it’s amazing. Since I don’t think I can do the products justice, watch this 6-minute video for some context…

take a break: anabella

Hi. Even though the stress has been piling up lately (hello, I had a back massage yesterday and yet my muscles are still locked up), I dug out some time to check out this new place for dinner. Anabella Italian Coffee Price: Not within my actual student budget, but the servings are big Ambiance: Perfect, will come…

the ephemeral life

It was a quick affair. My darling mother asked, “what do you want?”. I said a bento box, please, ebi tempura. And in a blink of an eye all I had left was this: This says a lot more about my life than I would like. Fast, furious and quiet; burning moments that fly too…

My roommates are awesome. 2/3 of cooking nights for Italian Cuisine Month survived.