Late night. Do something interesting. Take the Plant Personality Quiz (x). I’m not thinking straight anymore.

I think @taylorswift13’s next PR move (or at least definitely queued, as to not seem so obvious) is to get a black female best friend to add to her squad. Obviously. My thoughts on the whole Gender/Race Twitter discussion [+ a helpful comments thread if you click the link] here (x):

Consider this x Vid Picks

1. My soul . 2. Probably my fifth greatest fear . 3. My AU wishes . Hello to my new followers!  Fair (or late?) warning: this personal blog features a mix of content; it’s not a niche or genre or whatever blog. And updates are erratic. Thanks for following ( w ) !  xxx


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time off

I’ve been spending the last few days watching Justice League animated movies, episode clips and YouTube videos. And rewatching ATLA for the hundredth time. And sleeping, eating, working out. Painting. Anyway. Look what I found.

#LoveWins: Love is more than just a word.

People should be careful with their language. Words have power, and meaning transcends what is written. When religious conservatives write their reaction posts on social media, do they mean “I do not support same-sex marriage –in the context of my religion” or “I do not support same-sex marriage –on the level of the secular state”? Because…

casual pursuits: a lazy art+productivity post

Sometimes you’ve got no direction, nothing to send your love to. What comes out may be shit and disorderly, but at least it’s yours. x x x i fell in love with a man named matilda; he had flowers in his hair and thorns on his lips; oh, oh, i fell in love with a…

and on other words; (an art recs post)

A string of five prose and poetry recommendations, off the top of my head. In no particular order. “My head is bloody, but unbowed.”  Invictus by W. E. Henley I first heard of this piece as a quote from another book, and the words sustained me for a very long time. I used to recite the poem…

Here’s Where You Should Live Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

Thought Catalog says INTJ people should settle in Seattle, since we are apparently a collection of contrasts. Progressive yet secluded, urban yet environmentally conscious. Sounds awesome. And for that one time that I got ENTJ (55% ENTJ and 45% INTJ, but still)… NEW YORK! I do love doing things in the most efficient, progressive and innovative…