Why I love deconstruction

Tired of reading about cardiology, or the world, or life in general? Here’s a post on deconstruction as it applies to fanfiction, gender debates, politics and even medicine.

“Really, I like deconstruction because it basically goes wild with everything and anything. Because we define by différance, constructions and their manifestations can be as endless, limitless and as justifiable as you want it to be.”  

In Pictures: And Here We Have 87 Glittering National Costumes of Miss Universe!

Miss Universe has been entertaining me the last few days. I still haven’t watched the National Costumes Event on YT, but it’s queued up! (Why am I not studying?) Best costumes imo, in alphabetical order: (Best = unique, eye-catching, representative) 1. Argentina 2. British Virgin Islands 3. Czech Republic 4. Dominican Republic!! 5. Ecaudor 6….

Intraperitoneal organs and Retroperitoneal organs

Originally posted on Goldilocksthedoc:
For the Intraperitoneal organs remember SALTD SPRSS (Pronounced Salted Spursss): S = Stomach A = Appendix L = Liver T = Transverse colon D = duodenum (only the 1st part, though) S = Small intestines P = Pancreas (only the tail though) R = Rectum (only the upper 3rd) S =…

College Graduation!!!

Well here’s a long overdue post. Last May? 2016, I graduated from college with a Bachelor’s Science in Biology. I’d like to thank my mother, fam, friends, thesis partner, professors and the UP Manila community at large. And, of course, the Filipino people. I didn’t post about it so much because it wasn’t the end-all…

Productivity Check

I tried to art my way through studying the back and lower extremities. I got the art part down; the anatomy, not so much. More notes! Earlier this month, I blogged about my feels over the intersection of Anatomy and Art. This is just more of the same. With more ink. When we get to internal organs next…

Anatomy and Art

All the same. Then: Figure Drawing (2012) Now: Clinical Anatomy (2016)

I feel like I’ve been doing myself a disservice. I’ll try to write more.