In Pictures: And Here We Have 87 Glittering National Costumes of Miss Universe!

Miss Universe has been entertaining me the last few days. I still haven’t watched the National Costumes Event on YT, but it’s queued up! (Why am I not studying?) Best costumes imo, in alphabetical order: (Best = unique, eye-catching, representative) 1. Argentina 2. British Virgin Islands 3. Czech Republic 4. Dominican Republic!! 5. Ecaudor 6….

Intraperitoneal organs and Retroperitoneal organs

Originally posted on Goldilocksthedoc:
For the Intraperitoneal organs remember SALTD SPRSS (Pronounced Salted Spursss): S = Stomach A = Appendix L = Liver T = Transverse colon D = duodenum (only the 1st part, though) S = Small intestines P = Pancreas (only the tail though) R = Rectum (only the upper 3rd) S =…

The Definition Of Hell For Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type

Why is this so true? HAHA. . INTJ – Every time you open your mouth to say something intelligent, something entirely idiotic comes out instead. ENTJ – Somebody is wrong, and they’re directing a large group of people! You can’t do anything about it and will have to obey whatever inefficient policies they decide to…