I will live my whole life trying to capture the ephemeral. I will stretch our few seconds into eternities.

murder on the content express

I may say that hallucinations and delusions are positively parasitic, but let it never be said I denounced all flights of fantasy.

we don’t fall

dreaming the way your lips touched my lips in a kiss,
praying for all our dreams as they built what we wish

basket of angry and mute kittens

silence speaks nothing — To be consumed by words until they come stumbling out, arranged and resonant, unwilling to bow to the closure of strict lips. What is that? Where is it– I’ve written copies, and rallies, and letters YET none of the words that reside in me have my heart, and I’m— Scared. SCARED…

What if the Devil doesn’t know he’s the Devil? – Cathrine Goldstein, The Letting

if i should drown;

if i should drown; quotes for the many days if helplessly in love: L’amour est la poésie des sens. -Balzac I will do as devils do. Fall. -H.S. Leoch I’m sorry about the blood in your mouth. I wish it was mine. -Richard Siken, Little Beast You happened to me. You were as deep down…

They want you to love the whole damn world but you won’t, you want it all narrowed down to one fleshy man in the bath, who knows what to do with his body, with his hands. Richard Siken Driving, not Washing