these rare weekends

In the fast-paced life of a grad student –or indeed, of any adult– weekends are the holy grail, coveted and kind of magical.

Thinking about nothing particular awhile ago, then I remembered how mad I am at the Star Trek Reboot (AOS) for failing to live up to its potential as a series. Don’t get me wrong –I love AOS, but it could have done a lot more as a successor to TOS, and /to boldly go where…


A continuation of my ktrash life 😭 Now with more Bangtan Boys.

manila adventures pt 2

manila adventures pt 2 is the spiritual sequel to my post Four Hours in Manila, which featured me walking around Luneta Park, the National Library, and more. I also had a blog post on my tour of the Museum of the Filipino People with my sister (though to be honest I think I’ve been to…

PIDC 2017

Sometimes things don’t turn out the way we want it to. But maybe this is life’s way of questioning and reaffirming why we stay. This PIDC reminded me why I’m still (occasionally) here. Win or lose, it’s about appreciating reason above all –the challenge of new ways of thinking, the joy of meeting shamelessly novel…

I love my body, I love my youth. Things change for the better, always.

we don’t fall

dreaming the way your lips touched my lips in a kiss,
praying for all our dreams as they built what we wish